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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Our craft we did today.  All you need is a folder, glue, scissors, markers, pipe cleaners for the middle of the butterfly and their antennas, fruit loops and fruit pebbles.  I also use spray adhesive to seal it afterwards.  We used a butterfly pattern and traced it, cut a piece of pipe cleaner for the middle of the body and did the same for the attennas.  Then put the glue on and they used the cereal to fill it in.  As you can tell they are both different, my Sierra wanted a sun and grass and Dakota wanted to crosses on hers.  Then we wrote on the bottom with a marker.  Then used the spay adhesive to hold it on better.  If they do their share with the house every day, they get to add something they would like to do on the weekend with us, like watch a movie, mommy time, color, read, etc.  So depending how much they help the more choices will be in there to choose from.  Then on Sunday after we get home from Church they can draw one out and we will do that with them.  I am thinking of doing another on but that is where we do something with reading.   

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